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Tracy A. Raymond, Certified Professional Guardian



Caring for those who can no longer care for themselves

About Us


My job as a Guardian or Fiduciary is to be responsible for making decisions on behalf of my clients.  My authority is limited to the areas in which the court finds the person to be incapacitated.  I am responsible for handling the incapacitated person's income, managing real and personal property, consenting to medical treatment, making travel arrangements, assisting the incapaciated person to find a safe appropriate living environment.  As a Certified Professional Guardian I am responsible for meeting annual training requirements.

My services are aimed at optimizing the welfare and dignity of every incapaciated person I serve.  I try within the authority I have been given to make the best personal, medical, financial, and budgeting decisions and to include the incapacitated person in the decision making process as much as possible.  I am held to the hightest standard of behavior when acting on behalf of my clients.  The court requires annual accountings and personal care plans to be submitted for court review and approval to ensure that my actions are in the incapacitated persons best interest.

I serve persons of varying ages, estate sizes, and disabilities around Pierce, Thurston, and King Counties.  This includes people with conditions related to the aging process, mental illness, traumatic brain injuries, physical handicaps, and/or other diagnoses or diseases that limit a clients ability to manage their person and estate.   Some clients have very minor disabilities that need assistance only with finances, or are in need of a trust and management of that trust.


I am able to implement financial and personal arrangements in order to maximize the use of public benefits and insurance, to ensure that my clients are getting all the services they need and deserve.  I also ensure proper supervision and assistance to ensure the persons daily needs are met in the least restrictive way.  At some point in the client’s life they served to manage their person and estate independently and due to some illness or accident they are unable to continue do so. I pride myself on being sensitive to the difficulties that having rights taken away can cause a client.  I consult my clients as to their personal and financial preferences and make all attempts possible to make decisions within their preferences.